The best places to stay on the Riviera

Posted on 22 March, 2022 by Editor in Chief

The French Riveria has always been a place that has attracted the rich and famous, with some of the most famous parties happening along the French Riveria with the Cannes Film Festival and Grand Prix de Monaco happening in the summer months. With some of the most exclusive hotels and exceptional villas & yachts, we’ve made a list of the most unique accommodations along the French Riveria. 

Benetti Oasis 140

When talking about the French Riviera, we can’t ignore the fact that Yachting and the South of France go hand in hand, with probably one of the most famous harbour being Port Hercules in Monaco. With technology and luxury constantly evolving, yachts are becoming more and more luxurious with high-tech integration, no stranger to this evolution is the Benetti 40 Oasis. The Bennetti benefits from its large windows opening the layout and letting in lots of natural light. She has a stunning beach club that comes with a pool at water level offering a stunning view. She surely offers a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Villa Paradis

Probably the most unique property on the French Riviera is Villa Paradis, with it being furnished with some of the most  luxurious fittings money can buy. The Villa offers a rich yet contemporary design with large windows offering stunning views over the bay of Cannes and the illes Lérins. The Villa is located in Super Cannes, which is a short drive away from the famous La Croisette, where the Le Palais des Festival de Cannes is held. With its design being inspired by Tuscan houses, the Villa has a warm environment that is ideal for a retreat down in the French Riviera. Unique to Villa Paradis, it comes with a 70m2 guest, perfect for accompanying staff or Friends & Family that need their own private space. With the Villa, comes a gym, also with views of the Bay of Cannes. A bespoke infinity pool to relax with Friends. A must have Cannes villa

Hotel Eden Roc

One of the most famous hotels along the French Riviera is the Eden Roc and also one of the oldest. With it being opened in 1870 with Russian Tsars, British Entrepreneurs and American movie stars, all enjoying the luxuries of the French Riviera. A key feature being its famous infinity pool offering views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The French Riviera remains to be seen as the place to be in summer as a luxury destination, with it offering so many of the most luxurious accommodations which you will find no place else.  From steamrolling across the French Riviera on a Riva Aquariva with spray wetting your Vilebrequin shirt and shorts to St-Tropez to make it on time for lunch. To sipping on a glass of Whispering Angel from a 6-litre bottle at Anjuna beach while music fills your ears, there is nothing quite like the French Riviera.

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